latest projects from exposure 247

latest projects from exposure 247

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Below you should find a selection of the latest projects I have worked on. Hopefully this will give you an insight into the sort of thing that I could do for you and your business.

If there is anything you would like to see more of, or find out more about, then please get in touch by giving me a call or by clicking here...

Airbrush Perfections : Updated

Discipline: Website design

Brief: The client, one of the UK's biggest and best Airbrush design companies, wanted a fun, strong and colourful website that reflected their sense of style and would appeal to their target market. The site recently also needed an upgrade to become an ecommerce site

Solution: Through working closely with the client I found a look that really matched what he wanted and created a full site that showed off the clients products and skills in an engaging manner. The new site also allowed the client to keep it uptodate themselves. Meaning the website should never look old.

MotorBike Show

Discipline: Logo design & Brochure design

Brief: Create a logo for a new Motorbike show based in Bahrain. Needs to help provide the show with a strong image. Also needed to create a 6 page roll fold brochure to promote the show to exhibitors

Solution: I worked closely with the client and by trying out different ideas I managed to find a graphical style that fitted the look the client was after. I then took this theme and used it to create a stylish A4 roll fold brochure that the client could then use to promote the show to prospective investors and exhibitors. The strong clean images and simple graphical shapes suited the look and feel he was after well.


Discipline: Brochure design

Brief: Create a distinctive and unique brochure to promote a new advertising concept using the shape of the advertising board that sits on top of the taxis.

Solution: I used the logo of the company that was also designed in the shape of the advertising board. This gave me a strong colour and style to work with. I then tried out a number of different solutions finally settling on a landscape designthat gave us the right amount of space to promote the product and show it off in its best light using bright colours and a fun graphic style.

Farhoud Business Ventures

Discipline: Logo design
Website: currently working on website

Brief: Create a strong, iconic brand for a business group based in Bahrain. Use a shield or badge that reflects the company's young, dynamic nature. Needed to look modern and stylish and get across a sense of character and avoid the usual "stuffy" corporate image.

Solution: I worked up a number of different concepts based around the desired look and theme until we found a logo that the client was happy to use to represent his company.


Discipline: Web Design

Brief: Create a new site for the 2010 Bodypower show. Site needs to reflect the new brand and be able to allow the client to up date the site themselves with latest news etc...

Solution: After going through a few different ideas with the client we eventually decided this one would best suit the new show. By making it a CMS website it allowed the client to use a simple backend admin area to add new stories and pages to the website to keep it up-to-date.


Discipline: Logo design, Flyers, Posters, Website design

Brief: Create a logo & website for a body building event. The site needed to be quite serious and masculine with a strong sports feel.

Solution: I used a dark colour scheme with dark and moody photos incorporated throughout the site, thus giving us the serious sports feel the client wanted. The client also needed marketing materials with the same feel to promote the show, which I provided - everything from tickets and flyers to posters and stage banners.


Discipline: Website design

Brief: Create a clean and corporate website for a building contractor based in Birmingham - something to show off their work in its best light and promote the business locally.

Solution: I designed a few different mock-ups and worked closely with the client to find the solution that worked best for them. Using a slideshow of large images from their selected projects on the homepage highlighted the local work. A 'latest projects' page then showed the more recent work they had been involved with and gave them a simple and stylish site that they can then use to really promote the company.

Middle East Modified Championship

Discipline: Logo design, Flyer design

Brief: Create a logo & a flyer to promote a modified car show - the first of its kind in Bahrain. Using Japanese car events as the influence.

Solution: I found a stylized typeface to use as a part of the logo and then used a 3d model of typical "drift" car with some flame graphics to reinforce the image. The flyer then needed to get a lot of information across in a small space. This could then be repeated on the reverse in arabic. By using large images and a torn card effect I managed to highlight everything the client was trying to promote.